GoodLife Personal Training Institute

Learn the technical and comprehensive skills needed to become a Personal Trainer.

Do you have a passion for health and fitness and want to share that passion with others? Did you know that some of Canada's most successful Personal Trainers are people without previous fitness education?

Become a certified and nationally recognized Personal Trainer.

The GoodLife Personal Training Institute (GLPTI) is a Personal Training Certification Program where you will be given the confidence and practical skills needed to become a professional Personal Trainer. With GLPTI, you will gain valuable insights of Canada’s top fitness Company, GoodLife Fitness. Upon completion, you will be a Certified and Nationally recognized Personal Trainer across all Fitness organizations in Canada.

"I just wanted to say thank you to my trainer again for the job well-done on instructing the course. My trainer did a great job at taking complicated, detailed, and scientifically advanced concepts and explaining them in a way for people without a kinesiology-related background to understand. As an educator he was amicable, yet professional- a very admirable quality!

For myself, specifically, this course really helped get me back into the personal training frame-of-mind and back into the 'swing of things', so to speak, seeing as I had not been at GoodLife or personal training for about a year and a half.

There were a variety of little things I learned from the course including corrective posture movements and stretching concepts. However, I also found the numerous tips and pointers offered to us from the trainer's personal experiences to be most helpful and insightful."

Tracy, Waterloo, September 2011